Exfak Corporation

Exfak was founded in 1995, with the objective of bringing the best in technology originating in the first world, seeking to satisfy our customers with innovative and high quality products. Since 2010, the Exfak Corporation Group has been setting up some factories in Brazil, in the plastic, textile and metallurgical segments.

Currently, the already consolidated factories serve our customers promptly with high quality national products.

Offer high quality products, going beyond the expectations of our customers, experiencing the pure joy of bringing innovative products, seeking to improve the quality of life of the operators of the companies that supply our products.

To be a leader in the supply of industrial materials, with innovative and high quality solutions. Investing in cutting-edge technology and serving our customers in an agile and personalized way.

Develop advanced solutions with the objective of being recognized as a reference in the distribution of products for the industry and service providers, in addition to promoting excellence in service to our business partners.

. Teamwork and constant recognition of employees;
. Integrity, transparency and trust;
. Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit;
. Continuous pursuit of customer satisfaction.

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