Exfak visual communication gloves, code 40-158 PINK EXFAK.

About the Gloves

Thin and smooth uncoated polyester glove, ideal for wrapping. Maximum comfort glove, when using it, the professional feels the hands giving increased performance due to the magnitude of comfort. Resistant, there are gloves on the market that only last a few weeks, while the Exfak enveloping glove has a much longer durability, giving security to the amount invested in the glove.

Thin with greater tact, with the possibility of greater perception of pieces to the touch. Smooth, allowing the applicator to use the glove at all times, without scratching or harming stickers.

Heat resistant glove, being able to work with Exfak heat gun blowers with ease and comfort!

Wrapping Gloves Usage

Choose the size that best fits your hands, feel comfortable.

Use in different areas of wrapping. Perfect for car wrapping, with it you are able to feel the surface of the car as if you were without gloves. Perfect for general enveloping, with the highest resistance, this glove brings longer wear and better performance to the professional.

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