Cut resistance gloves with PU-coated palm in thin fabric.


Maximum level of cut resistance, certified by the Ministry of Labor, glove designed to protect the user against cuts by
utilitily knives, knives, manual cutters. When carrying a sheet of glass the table is laid carefully, but the glass slips and
shatters, the worker without the glove could be seriously injured, possibly taken to the ER for stitches or something more serious. When wearing an Exfak level 5 cut resistant glove, that same worker would be 100% protected by it. When using a PU bath glove, the user has more grip when holding glass parts, metal sheets, ps sheets. Glove with maximum level of tact, even
being able to use the cell phone and write with it.

*For more complete protection use the cut resistant sleeve.


Choose the suitable and comfortable. Always wear it when you need to move objects from place to place, in jobs with risk of
cutting, such as paper cutting, sticker cutting, sheet cutting, when carrying glass parts, metal parts.

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