Cut Resistant Gloves – 40-2006 SP

Thin cut resistant glove for visual communication.


High cut resistance glove, product certified as level 5 by the Ministry of Labor. It is a glove with a modern design perfect for work in visual communication in general, enveloping, development of facades, cutouts, etc.

This glove will be your protection when it comes to utility knives! When cutting vinyl on a surface, it is very common for the cutter to escape, cut the user’s hand and injure himself. There are so many cases of risk that stitches are needed to close the cut. To prevent this from happening, Exfak has developed cut resistant gloves, in order to protect the user from unpleasant

The development of the 40-2006 SP glove is a major milestone for Exfak, as numerous applicators asked us to make a protective glove as good as the 40-2005 SP and suitable for enveloping and thus the “birth” of 40-2006 SP, with maximum protection level and thin for more comfort at touch.

Exfak cut resistant gloves have the highest level of protection, tested and certified.

Thin Cut Resistant Glove Usage

Use in a various of situations. In the wrapping of cars, trucks, motorcycles, walls, in visual communication in general. Whenever you need protection when making a cut, use the glove.

*There are reviews from users with the same glove for 1 and a half year of use.

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