Yellow Foam Roller Pro – Code 92-513

Professional flexible foam roller, suitable for irregular surfaces, its foam easily enters any irregularity. (Video at bottom of page).

Dimensions: 184mm x 55mm x 40mm.


In a softer version, the Yellow Foam Roller Pro penetrates into narrower areas, providing a differentiated finish in the application of the adhesive. Thinking of a tool to easily fit small edges Exfak launches the flexible version of the Roller Pro, each with its specification, while the rigid foam can do heavy work, the soft foam performs detailing services in more complex parts.

Easy to use, place the adhesive on the part you want to adhere to, use the heat gun blower, apply the roller on the heated material. When gluing with blower remember to wear professional gloves, these tools are heat resistant and prevent stains on the adhesive.

Where to use it

Roller Pro is widely used for plastered walls, corrugated, complex walls, truck wrapping, decorative wrapping.

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More information

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